Here are two traditions of men (Orhua men) that contradict the Laws of God and should have been done away with long before now. Unfortunately, the youths of today are even more guilty than the men of old.  The youths are being used by satan to refuse the change despite the numerous Gospel Teachings continuously brought before them.  Our people are continuously allowing themselves to be ruled by the devil.  I am wishing I knew God much earlier than I did, even as a child.  But no giving up, we shall continue to pray for our people and the land.  God will have mercy upon us IJMN. Amen.

  • “Iruen” is off cuss idolatry, otherwise why would men believe that they will go blind after seeing thier grandchildren, or that the grandchildren will die. Whereas the Words of God in Psalm 128 assured and guaranteed us that blessed is every man that Feareth the Lord and Walketh in His ways ……… (with a lot of blessings) ……… thou shall see thy children’s children, and peace upon you.  Why would men go before their ancestral idols to bow before them and covenant themselves to the idols with kada, kada, kada.  It is more than time for our people to come out of the bondage of iruen, and embrace God, please.  These same men refuse to bow before our Almighty God and our Creator. 
  • 2nd burial and traditional burial rites are idolatry.  Why would men want to re-bury the dead 20, 30, 50 years after the dead had been buried?  Again, why would men insist that you must kill a goat for the burial ceremony of the dead and reject the offer of a cow instead of a goat?  After killing the goat, why would men insist that the wife of the first son of the dead or her female representative must kneel down to pick the head of the killed goat from the ground before she will go and cook the goat and the head for eating? 

 Why would men want cooked pounded yam with soup and meet fed to the dead body and on its feet before interment of the dead body?  Would the dead  body eat the pounded yam through his feet?

Why would men continue to duel in the tradition of men and rudiments of the world which are against the Laws of God, instead of going after Christ and the tradition of God.  Col. 28.  Also read Mark 7 : 5-9 and see what Jesus said to the Pharisees which is still valid to our people today.

Tradition is like a Constitution for a Country, Community, Organisation etc. which was put together by men and it is subject to amendment or review as time or situation dictates.

I bless the courage of one man in Orhua and that is the present Odionwere of Ekhoe quarter Pa Femi Osayande.  Ekhoe people were never in bondage with IRUEN anyway.  The traditions they stock with for years i. e. new yam festival celebration and forbidding of goat meat were repealed the very day Pa Femi Osayande was installed the Odionwere of Ekhoe quarter.  What a courageous man of God.  He took his community out of bondages.  The protective hand of the Almighty God will never depart from his home, family and community IJMN.  Amen.
  We hope that in the very near future, other Odionweres will begin to emulate Pa Femi Osayande and begin to repeal idolatry traditions like iruen and traditional burial rites.  The Almighty God will help us IJMN. Amen